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Love scorned Diplomat Axel Trink pursues a deadly path of wrongdoing at U.S. Embassy, Bangkok


What if a radio signal from outer space disrupted earth's satellite stations, causing economic chaos? What if the signal contained a message that only one man on earth could decipher?


Coming  2018.

A 1959 mystery novel.


What dark secret does Laura discover while exploring the caves below Genevieve biotech labs?


LITTLE DOG, BIG TROUBLE now available on Amazon Kindle Select





The author traveled the world for several years working as a technician and engineer for the US Foreign Service, defense contractors, and designed GSM cell phone systems for Vodafone and AT&T Wireless worldwide.

Mr. Matthews retired from engineering in 2007 and pleasantly absconded to a life in the tropics in Bangkok, Thailand while paying irregular visits to his native Southern California.

During his engineering career he quietly began a second career of writing. Over a period of years Mr. Matthews attended several creative writing classes in his off time and found great enjoyment in writing “stories.” Although his stories were originally an outlet for stress relief, he found himself dedicated to writing stories.


New! In January 2017

Foreign Service Messages

Foreign Service Messages is a compilation of the author’s experiences. The majority of his “messages” take place during the turbulent 1960’s through the 1980’s when the author worked and traveled overseas in the military, private companies, and especially his tenure with the U.S. Department of State. In the U.S. Foreign Service, his assignments spanned Washington D.C., Karachi, Pakistan, and Nairobi, Kenya, where he traveled to over sixty countries.


The author's first novel, The Revenge of Axel Trink, published by Bangkok Books, explores the dark side of the US Embassy, Bangkok during the turbulent late 1970’s. 

Mr. Matthews has called upon his engineering experience to write the science fiction novel, Asmara’s Anomaly. Published by Far Reaching Fiction, the story asks the question: What would happen if a rogue radio signal from outer space disrupted satellite telecommunications networks?  The answer lies in a story that features a tainted hero dogged by the NSA and through no fault of his own becomes mankind’s only hope.

Mr. Matthews recently self-published his sci-fi-thriller novel, Transparency, under Far Reaching Fiction. Biotech giant Genevive Labs has opened a facility in a California forestand are performing experiments that would shock the local citizenry, if they only knew.

He is currently working on his first mystery story. Portuguese Bend hearkens back to the year 1959 when times were simpler but greed and dishonesty no less abundant. “Gigi” wins the Oscar for Best Picture and behind the Hollywood scenes author Rick Dempsey gets caught up in a murder mystery that will lead him to the edge of his fears—to Portuguese Bend.




Coming Soon:


Update: July 2018. The author has completed the novel. An editor is currently reviewing the manuscript for copy editing. Estimate ready for publishing September 2018.


The Point Vicente Lighthouse: A major player in the novel, Portuguese Bend

  Point Vicente Lighthouse: Located on the Southern California coast at the southern end of Palos Verdes Estates.

Point Vicente Lighthouse: Located on the Southern California coast at the southern end of Palos Verdes Estates.

Map Location of Point Vicente Lighthouse

map-ptV lighthouse.jpg

Point Vicente Lighthouse: located at the southern tip of Palos Verdes Pennisula

What is significance of the Point Vicente Lighthouse?

In the novel Portuguese Bend the Point Vicente lighthouse plays a large role in the story. The lighthouse is said to be haunted by the "Lady of the Light,"an apparition who lost her lover to a pacific ocean storm and has never left the top of the lighthouse. Point Vicente is at the edge of the area known as Portuguese Bend...

For decades road crews have labored over buckled pavement along a stretch of Palos Verdes Boulevard. The underlying rift has caused nearby houses to slide into the Pacific Ocean. Victims have fallen over its craggy cliffs. Suicides have plunged into sharp boulders rising above crashing waves. Legend claims their ghosts haunt nearby cliffs and lighthouses, havens for the apparitions that would never leave their final port of call...




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